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CA-1015IS is the best table/desk of Micro ATX, Workstation, and HTPC… solution. This case can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The space-saving design provides the different demand for each individual, office and company. 1 x 5.25" open bay and 1 x 3.5" open bay and a 3.5" internal meet customers' needs. Side and rear fans make the wind ventilation great to prevent and solve heat problem. This case is specially designed for Micro ATX motherboard, up to size 10" x 9". Also, four expansion slots extend system use and increase users’ flexibility. Overall art design let you are always in the front of fashion


  Model      CA-1015IS
  Position      Vertical, Horizontal
  Fan      1x 60 mm rear + 1 x 80mm side
  Switch      Power ON/OFF
  Indicators      LED Power ON/OFF HDD Active
  Power Supply       Micro SFX ATX 250w ~ 470w (OPTIONAL)
  Drive Bay      1 x 5.25" (open) + 1 x 3.5" (open), 1 x 3.5"(hidden)
  Specifications      Micro ATX Slim Case Standard; Up to MATX Main Board (10” x 9.5”)
  Dimensions      (W x H x D) 14” x 5.375” x 14.75”
  Weight      10.0 LBs
  Cage Color      Silver / Black
Custom Models:
CA-1015IS | Micro ATX Slim Case only
CA-1015ISH21 | Micro ATX Slim Case 2.5"HDD Trayless Hotswap kit
CA-1015IS40H21 | Micro ATX Slim Case W/ 400Watt and 2.5"HDD Trayless Hotswap kit
CA-1015IS25 | Micro ATX Slim Case W/ 250Watt (AP-MP4ATX25)
CA-1015IS30 | Micro ATX Slim Case W/ 300Watt (AP-MP4ATX30)
CA-1015IS40 | Micro ATX Slim Case W/ 400Watt (AP-MP4ATX40)
CA-1015IS47 | Micro ATX Slim Case W/ 470Watt (AP-MP4ATX47FE)
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