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To all customers who purchased or is planning about purchasing any 1U rackmount Chassis; please note most of the I/O Shield that comes with the motherboard cannot be installed in the 1U chassis on the market today.  For customers who require the I/O shield for their Chassis, please check the Customised I/O shield list or send a request email to for more information.

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Introducing the RM-1U122ITX, it is the second 1U model from Athena Power's new Mini-Server series. Designed to be compact in size, this 1U chassis can house two 2.5" HDDs (or one 3.5" HDD), a Mini-ITX motherboard, and three 40mm fans.  One of the new features the 1UITX122 has incorporated is its new HOT-swapping feature, with the BP-2221 backplane built in it allows more flexibility to server builders who wish to have the mobility to swap out hard drives.  With its ultra-compact design the 1UITX122 allows the 1U122ITXs to be daisy-chained and fitted on one single rack! For small businesses and office use, no other chassis is this compact and convenient.

Space Saving feature
With reduced depth size this 1U rackmount is perfect for saving space.  The size of this rackmount is a viable case for either a micro ATX motherboard or mini-ITX motherboard. 

Athena Computer Power also offers combinations with this ITX rackmount, for all your power needs we can offer a FLEX ATX Power Supply ranging from 200 Watts to 400.  By incorporating a reliable case with an efficient 80PLUS certified power supply, this combination is truly ideal.

Includes 2x 40mm fans
The 1U102ITX also comes with 2x 40mm fans that will keep your server cool by distributing cool air flow onto your motherboard and the rackmount’s hard drive as well.  Also as an additional option, there are 8 available slots open if the server builder wishes to add more.

Daisy chain capabilities
Server towers usually can only maintain one 1U rackmount at a time but with the 1U101ITX’s daisy chain capabilities and because of its reduced size, one server tower slide can hold up to 2 mini ITX rackmounts at the same time.  Saving space and doubling the server power.

These days, HOT-Swapping is a needed key feature for all server builders and Athena has built that into its 1UITX rackmount.  Allowing more flexibility and convenience for server builders, this HOT-Swapping capable rackmount brings convenience and mobility.
  Cage Color      Black
  Dimension      19" x 1.75" x 9.84" ( W x H x D)
  Weight: (case only)      10 lbs
  Specifications      19" Standard Rackmount
  MotherBoard Size      Mini-ITX motherboard (6.7" x 6.7")
  Air Filter      N/A
  Drive Bay      3.5" x 1 (Open)
     2.5" x 2 or 3.5" x 1 (Hidden)
  Switches      Reset, Power, Fan Alarm
  Power Supply      FlexATX Power Supply
  Cooling Fan      2 x 40mm Fans
  Ports      2 x USB (Front)
  Indicators      LED's for Power, HDD LAN
  Expand Slots      1 Slot Full High Expansion Card
  Riser Card      N/A
  Material      1.2mm Steel
  NOTE!      *if 3.5" HDD installed, the expansion card function is not be available
     *Open bay and hidden bay can not be use together
RM-1U122ITX 1U IPC Rackmount Case only
RM-1U122ITXH2122 1U IPC Rackmount Case w/
2-in-1 2.5" HDD backplane unit (BP-SATA2221B)
FlexATX 220W (AP-MFATX22)
RM-1U122ITXH2125 1U IPC Rackmount Case w/
2-in-1 2.5" HDD backplane unit (BP-SATA2221B)
FlexATX 250W (AP-MFATX25)
RM-1U122 ITXH2130 1U IPC Rackmount Case w/
2-in-1 2.5" HDD backplane unit (BP-SATA2221B)
FlexATX 300W (AP-MFATX30)
RM-1U122 ITXH2135 1U IPC Rackmount Case w/
2-in-1 2.5" HDD backplane unit (BP-SATA2221B)
FlexATX 350W (AP-MFATX35)
RM-1U122 ITXH2135 1U IPC Rackmount Case w/
2-in-1 2.5" HDD backplane unit (BP-SATA2221B)
FlexATX 400W (AP-MFATX40)
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